zaterdag 11 december 2010

I can proudly present the Filling Pieces Spring/Summer 2011 collection

This collection took alot of work and alot of effort, but I my opinion its finished.

The collection includes some classic carry-over models like the LowTops, HighTops and DesertBoots.
In some new and fresh colors.
The red colorway is back by popular demand. Only this time in red suede/nubuck (instead of the common red leather)

The introduction for a new model, called the BoatTop.
This is a very open en easy going sneaker for the summer.

I hope you all like it.

In stores around end of February.

Boat Tops 'Swurdin Polo's' Named after a inspiring blog called Swurdin

Boat Tops 'Piewi's' Named after a good friend Hussein Yussuf

Boat Tops Grey Suede

Boat Tops 'Guni's' Named after an ispiring good friend called Gunifort

High Tops Sand Suede

Desert Boot Sand Suede

Desert Boot Patchwork Red and Black Suede

Desert Boot Mustard Suede

Desert Boot Blue Suede

Desert Boot 'Huzane's' Denim, black suede and leather heel Named after Hussein Suleiman

Desert Boot 'Clem's' grey suede, mustard heel Named after Clems bkrw

Desert Boot Bordeaux Suede

Desert Boots Black Suede

High Tops Grey Suede, Mustard heel

Low Tops Classic Sand Suede

Low Tops Classic Red Suede

Low Tops Grey Suede, Sand Heel

Low Tops Classic Black Leather

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