zaterdag 10 september 2011

Filling Pieces new Boat Boot

This Winter, we got a new model in the collection.
The 'Boat Boot' is a higher version of the Boat Top.
A mix of the Desert Boot, High Top and Boat Top in butter soft Suede.

Only in men sizes available end of October, and in the colors Black, Sand and Burgundy.

Filling Pieces a/w 2011 Collection Range

Filling Pieces A/W 2011 Collection LookBook shoot

Location: EEN, Amsterdam store (Cornelis Schuyt)
Photos by: Sharon Jane D
Models: Gunifort Uwambaga , Jefferson Ossei, Hussein Yussuf

Featured Clothing Labels: Gitman Bro's, Penfield, Red Seal, Meastro Jeans, Uniqlo and House of Billiam

Filling Pieces in Ontfront x CASIO Gshock promo vid

Tomas and Lisa made this really nice and sophisticated Gshock together with Casio.
The first collaboration of Gshock with a Dutch brand.
The promo vid was made in Amsterdam, and the beach of Sandvoort.
Styled in Ontfront jackets,pants and dress shirts and Filling Pieces boat tops.

The video was made by Marnix Postma, and he did a great job on this one!

OntFront x Casio G-shock from OntFront on Vimeo.

donderdag 14 juli 2011

Filling Pieces animal Packs collection only available at LN-CC

Filling Pieces, Animal Capsule Collection exclusively available trough LN-CC UK

The original idea behind The LN-CC shop, was to create an all encompassing world, combining the roots of traditional retail twinned with the progressive nature of the online boom. The wanted to achieve this in a way that has never been done before and that will, hopefully, never be subsequently bettered.

LN-CC Dan Mitchell's and his team have covered every single product arena that is important to them, packaging these in the most discerning and well-considered shell possible. From the products, through the store and website, as well as the packaging and the people who contribute to the project, they have not compromised on one single element of this project. That level of quality and integrity shows through in what LN-CC is now presenting.

LN-CC has covered the biggest of the best international designers, as well as the most exciting new fashion talents around. This is essentially a platform for the customers to experience this world during surfing on the website. They don't care if you come here but don't actually buy anything - They are happy for you to take whatever you want from this, whether it be product, information or knowledge.

Together with LN-CC's Dan Mitchell we decided to re-do the Filling Pieces Desert Boot model, and release this in 4 diffirent colorways.

A concept of animal skins mixed with suede, and classic rubber black or white soles were the fundament of this capsule collection.

We as Filling Pieces feel honored to be a part of this LN-CC journey, and take place next to big fashion names and houses.

All pieces are limited to 20 pair each color, and 4 pairs a size. At the end, we want to make a statement for design and quality.

release date: 18th of Juy, and ONLY AVAILABLE trough: LN-CC ONLINE

1. Leopard Pack black suede, black rubber sole
2. Leopard Pack black suede, white rubber sole
3. Lion Pack, Black rubber sole
4. Black Panther Pack, black suede and white rubber sole