zondag 12 december 2010

The LookBook FP S/S 2011


Photos by Dennis Swiatkowski and Carista Naomi
Styling by : Mirelva Berghout
Lay-out: Abderrahmane Trabsini

zaterdag 11 december 2010

LookBook Filling Pieces Spring/Summer 2011

Photos by Dennis and Carista
styling by Mirelva

Models: Jefferson, Noah, Gunifort, Yoga, Ash, Cherrelle and Miranda

I can proudly present the Filling Pieces Spring/Summer 2011 collection

This collection took alot of work and alot of effort, but I my opinion its finished.

The collection includes some classic carry-over models like the LowTops, HighTops and DesertBoots.
In some new and fresh colors.
The red colorway is back by popular demand. Only this time in red suede/nubuck (instead of the common red leather)

The introduction for a new model, called the BoatTop.
This is a very open en easy going sneaker for the summer.

I hope you all like it.

In stores around end of February.

Boat Tops 'Swurdin Polo's' Named after a inspiring blog called Swurdin

Boat Tops 'Piewi's' Named after a good friend Hussein Yussuf

Boat Tops Grey Suede

Boat Tops 'Guni's' Named after an ispiring good friend called Gunifort

High Tops Sand Suede

Desert Boot Sand Suede

Desert Boot Patchwork Red and Black Suede

Desert Boot Mustard Suede

Desert Boot Blue Suede

Desert Boot 'Huzane's' Denim, black suede and leather heel Named after Hussein Suleiman

Desert Boot 'Clem's' grey suede, mustard heel Named after Clems bkrw

Desert Boot Bordeaux Suede

Desert Boots Black Suede

High Tops Grey Suede, Mustard heel

Low Tops Classic Sand Suede

Low Tops Classic Red Suede

Low Tops Grey Suede, Sand Heel

Low Tops Classic Black Leather

vrijdag 3 december 2010

FP Featured in Shoes-up Mag (paris-tokyo)

I think Shoes-up is the leader in Footwear Magazines, and thankfully Olivia featured Filling Pieces in the latest issue.
Blackrainbow as Paris stockist, thanks!

Instores now.

maandag 8 november 2010

One, Amsterdams Dimepiece

One, Cornelisz Schuyt straat Amsterdam

One, a new store in the heart of Amsterdam. This store is located in one of Amsterdam most upcoming and luxury shopping streets. With neighbours that sell RickOwens, Comme des Garcons, Balmain, Visvim, Dior, Lanvin and Margiela this shop is a dime.
If you are into good clothes and super high quality pieces, this is your boutique.
2 floors of quality clothing
High end ready to wear casual clothing with brands like barbour,clarcks, Redseal, Retro Superfuture, B.D. Baggies, Yuketen, Filson, Gitman Bos and more are the fundement of this succes. I as Filling Pieces am very happy to be a part of it.
You really need to check out this taste maker of Amsterdam Old-South.

Men and women Filling Pieces Collection available.

(sells the lowtops and desert boots)

More info on 1-store

Owner: Aebe Ferilli

Thanks to Aebe and Stado

ONTfront, Be aware of this Sidewalk Tailoring

I'm very happy that I had the chance to work together with Ontfront ( this Amsterdam based clothing label, with experience of 5 years). The started a new chapter in their succes. A new book is opened with their new shop on the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam.
Their clothing has the same goal, to provide people products that are between Haute and Street.
If you are into design and something special that not alot of people own... go there!

OntFront brand store
Haarlemmerdijk 121
1013KE Amsterdam

Thanks to Tomas and Liza!

zondag 17 oktober 2010

A Cut Above Filling Pieces "Jeffersons" release |Antwerp|

MY good friend / brother Jefferson Osei and his own FillingPieces called ' Jeffersons ' were released last weekend in Antwerp.
The number 1 store from Antwerp ' A Cut Above' from Robin FLO opened their doors, and gave me the chance to do this release event in Belgium.
The brandlist of A Cut Above is really special, and I feel honored to be a part of it.
It was a cool party with friends and fam from Amsterdam and Belgium.

If you're in Antwerp, go there and check FLO and his dope ass store out!

Thanks FLO.

Photos by VernonMac